Need help creating dropdown to dropdown flow

I want to build a protoype, it includes a flow where you choose an option from a dropdown menu, and once you do, a new dropdown menu appears next to it, as well as a text box above it, and the same goes for the dropdown menu that appeared next to it, once u selected an option, another dropdown should appear next to it &. a text box above it.

How can i achieve this with bubble?

The way I would approach trying this would be to create my own dropdown out of a repeating group and a button at the top that reveals the repeating group. If you use one of bubbles dropdown elements I don’t think there is a way to keep them from going back up after you make your selection. I would then make a second drop down that has a conditional that when the value of the first dropdown is whatever, then the second dropdown’s y value (or if you’re in the new responsive engine: top margin) would change so the top is at the same place. The problem with this is that the more options you have, the crazier your conditionals tab is going to be, so I don’t know if this is really scaleable. I would keep track of what’s been clicked with a custom state that has the value of whatever dropdown cell has been selected.

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