Need help customizing an Ez Delivery template

I’m a first-time bubble user and just purchased a template from Ez Delivery. I need help customizing it to fit retailers.

I would like to know:
How to add a store
How to connect their inventory to the platform
How to give a driver access to the platform

Thanks in advance

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Don’t the template already come with these features inbuilt ?

The features are in but they are specific to restaurants. I need to add retail clients and it did not come with a way to add a client. at least as far as I can see

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Hello tinohove49.

I have actually just recently completed a project fairly similar to yours. It was a todo app cloned from a Zeroquode template.

I had to dissect, analyze, and replicate this template in a similar fashion to what you are trying to do. Based off of this prior experience I know that I could build this out fairly quickly for you.

Let me know if your interested, and reach out via email

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