Need Help Developing Custom CRM Dashboard with Analytics


I need help developing a custom CRM dashboard with analytics such as client retention rate. Can someone help and let me know rates?

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Hi Sean,

I can assist you with the same.

PM Sent.

Norman F.

Hi Sean,
This would be something that would be within my area of expertise…
Please email me the details on
Best Wishes,

(Edit: Just saw your email…I have replied to the same)

Hi @sean2,

Our team would be happy to help.
Just pm’d you, please, check.


Parghev Kocharyan
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For clarification, are you building the CRM or just the dashboard, drawing data from another CRM?

I am not drawing data from another CRM.

I am building a CRM and I guess I want a page for a stats such as # of customers, retention rate, etc.