Need help drag and drop repeating group (dynamic list)

Hi All,
I am building a queue system… Whereby the Staff can add in the details of the customer as they walk in. I would to add in two additional features

  1. As the customer is added to the list, the staff can easily drag and drop to reorder the list. So they can know which customer will be next, depending on the availability of the restaurant
    For a start, I don’t quite know how to add numbering to the queue list (most tutorials seems to be a fix list by giving an order number). I know the “Draggable elements” plugin will be required

  2. Customer will have the option to know how many tables in front of him (Base on the above re-ordering) by keying in their mobile number here How do i do the count? in this case?

Appreciate all help or guidance~ thank you!

Link: EasyQ - Digitise your Queue Process