Need Help - Dynamic Record Visibility

Hey bubblers!

First of all let me start by saying, I am relatively new to bubble and am flabbergasted by the level of customisation possible! Have previously used tools such as Appsheets, PoweApps, etc. but bubble is next level!

Now to the question… I am building an HCM application that provides standard functionality for employee management and general HR operations. I seem to have hit a bit of a block when it comes down to figuring out how to allow indirect Managers visibility to their direct reports staff members. Example I am a Head of Department and have two Managers that report directly to me (showing them is easy) but as head of the department I should also have access to see the people who report to my two Managers. Have been thinking of storing the list of direct and indirect reports as field on the users but this will be work flow intensive as when the org chart grows it will require a substantial database checks to update relevant Manager.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Ismail,

There are a couple of ways around you could do this, depending on how your data is structured.

For example, you could have on your people data type (or are they Users?) a field called “Has Direct Reports” (a link to same type, allowing multiple items).

Then HEAD OF DEPT Has Direct Reports MANAGER 1 and MANAGER 2

Then you can show the Head of Dept’s direct reports as “Head of Dept’s Has Direct Reports each item’s name”

And indirect reports as “Head of Dept’s Has Direct Reports each item’s Has Direct Reports each item’s name”

Hopefully makes a bit of sense and sets you on the right path. You can merge these lists, use them in Repeating Groups, etc.


Hey James,

This makes sense, thanks for your reply!