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Need Help Extended Google Analytics Plugin

Hi together,

i’m using the Extended Google Analytics Plugin to let user get their google analytics data into Bubble.

I have set up a group for retrieve a report:

The Response that i become from that api call looks like:

Than when i try to acess the the returned Values (Country & Sessions) via a text field, i’m stuck:

Is there a way to show/access the returned values?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Best regards

Hi @frederik.grandegger, apologies for the late reply on this thread.
Good news are here :grinning:

We’ve made an update to the Extended Google Analytics plugin, which added support for more metrics to the API call “Retrieve Reports”.

Please upgrade the plugin to the latest version (1.10.0 - added support for more metrics to api call “Retrieve Reports”), refresh the application, and give it a try.

We also accordingly updated the plugin’s Live Demo and Editor pages, to reflect properly the updated functionality.

Please let me know it there is anything else related to our products, that I can help with.

Thank you and have a nice day!

Zeroqode Support Team