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Need help figuring out how to have a user send another user a post like a message/comment/tweet

i have a user creating a post, ok, but then how does that post get sent to a certain user/friend/follower. i would like to recreate the bubble notrealtwitter but that tutorial did not explain most of the things. the only thing i have figured out is how to have a user make a post. but when i think about having a twitter like app where only certain other users get that post, i become lost, confused, frustrated, and hangry. are there any other tutorials? can anyone give me a hint of how to do this? i like snapchat’s page where once you took a video or pic, you can go and select certain users to send the pic or video to as in “my story” or “location story”, but i want it to be a pick and choose which users receive the post.

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Same here . How can I make a mailbox, who of course only the sender and the recipient will see and not the others?

Search the forum for “messaging” there are a few threads already on this subject and also notifications.

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