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Need help filling page height

Hello. I currently have a web app I have designed which essentially looks like a desktop. The idea is that the page should fit the users screen size no matter how tall it is. It is currently responsive to page width but there is no way to make this responsive to height. On the majority of laptops and desktops it should fit nicely, it only becomes an issue on longer monitors.

You can have a quick view of my application here. For me the issue is that on my longer monitor, the red taskbar doesn’t show up.

I have searched around but I cannot find an answer that will directly assist me with my specific case so any help would be be appreciated.

Thank you!

Have you checked out the spacer plugin?

This Can also be accomplished using some css

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Hi - thanks I solved it now by using this solution. Full-Screen image on Page - #4 by ashley.benson.tait

My other query though is now that there is no scrollbar on the application - I am left with a white empty space where the scrollbar would be that the responsive settings refuse to fill. How can this be fixed?