Need help filtering based on categories

I’m making organization database where all of the organization info is displayed on cards, and I’m trying to filter based on tags. For example, if the organization type is “Nonprofit”, only organizations that have “Nonprofit” as their Organization Type field type will show up. If none of the checkboxes are checked, then I want all of the cards to be shown.

I’m using checkboxes, but there does’t seem to be a way to edit workflow when a checkbox is checked, and I’m kind of lost on how to do this. Any help would be appreciated!

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This video from @romanmg explains how to do it:

Basically you need to set up a custom state to hold the checked items. Then the repeating group filters based on what’s in the custom state. You can either use a checkbox or build your own using an icon.

Note also that if you your organizations have multiple tags within each listing, and you want to search based on multiple tags, then that’s more of an advanced search, described here:

Thank you so much!

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