Need help fixing Eventy offering

Need 1-2 hours of help fixing 2 things using my eventy template.

  1. I can’t get the actual events to show up. Need help getting that to work again.
  2. I need to remove the infrastructure around making it require locations. And I want to make sure its done correctly

I want help asap, ideally today or tomorrow. Please email me at

Hey there :wave:,

If you want to schedule a tutoring appointment with me you can look at my availability at and see if there is a time that fits your schedule. I can do a 2 hour tutoring session and try to help you resolve this while explaining to you how Bubble works. Let me know if that seems like something you would like to do.

Basically you will be able share your screen with me and I can walk you though how to resolve those issues so you can learn how to work in Bubble.

I enjoy teaching people “how to fish” :fishing_pole_and_fish: instead of just giving them a fish :fish:. That way you can “eat” today as well as tomorrow.

Hope to see you soon!

Jason - NoCodeMinute Founder

I have contacted you by e-mail. tks