Need help for Authorization

I’m working on authorization. How can I give access to specific repeating group information of one user to other by authorization.

Check Protecting data with privacy rules - Bubble Docs

There are many ways; you can do it. one way is create a filed inside your user data entity as ““Authorized”” make it type user and make it list; put all the user who this user is going to authorized to view his RG. and then user privacy policy to make the data visible for authorized user

** this user authorized list contain current user** on this privacy policy make the data you want authorized user visible.

can you please explain in detail about how to “put all the user who this user is going to authorised to view his RG”

Actually I’m trying with unique id but it’s not possible by that way, while using unique id I did the same thing , there are many repeating groups in my app, and I wanted to give access to only one at a time

can you help me with this?

@dnyanadalabh24 I would love to help you, but let find a suitable time, and i will walk you through on it, i love to give my share of support to community as the community help me a lot. :slight_smile:

Okay That would be Great!!