Need Help for Creating a Score Card

I am a beginner. I need your help to create a cricket score card using bubble. This score card is used to update a website’s live score.

This is the expected way.
There are buttons 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, NB(No Ball), WD(Wide), B(Byes) and W(wicket)
After every ball I press one of those buttons.
After pressing I want to update my score card according to my response.
There are 6 circles and each one represent a ball. Once a button is pressed those circles should be filled according to the relevant button. [ex : if I press 6 button, that circle should display 6, if I press NB that circle should display NB ]
According to my response score should be updated, batsmen’s individual scores should be updated and bowler’s runs also should be updated.
Simply I want to know how to use BUBBLE to this project.
Any help ?

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