Need help for creating new row of repeating group with expand

Hello everyone,

I want to create a input fields like in the pictures. But I couldn’t figure out how to. Input fields should be added with a button and page should expand with the when a new input field added.
Can you help me please?

Following. I don’t think Bubble has a feature yet for this. I’m just going to create each group individually (since the max I need is 10).

Mine would need to be in a custom state and can’t be saved for the user. (Since it’s for users who haven’t logged in)

Also wondering about this but also with respect to ‘expanding groups’
For example, a Group that only shows a Title, and when clicked, increases in height to reveal the rest of the group, like a Site Tree in a sense:

Look 1:

Expandable Group 1
Expandable Group 2
Expandable Group 3


Expandable Group 1
^ Expanded Group 2
Inside Info a
Inside Info b
Inside Info c
Expandable Group 3