Need help getting my menu responsive

Heya Bubble folks!

I’m trying to fix my menubar when you’re seeking on my app thrue a phone, but I can’t get it done…

basically this is what it looks on a laptop :

And this is how it looks thrue my phone :

My idea was to hide the text and show it inside the icon (menu icon) but I probably do something horribly wrong since I’m frustrating myself already 40 minutes on it.

And also if possible any advice about the responsive text? I can’t get it more centered somehow

Any tips ? :slight_smile:

I’m gonna make it for you in a bit. I’ll share an example.

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Please check below explanation.

Now you can use the responsiveness editor to show/hide the mobile icon on certain width. Use a focus group to display the mobile menu.

Try to put your all elements on your page inside a container so you can control the responsiveness.


Thanks for the explanation Codeables,

Will follow the steps… thank you!

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