Need help getting the right color!

Hey everyone,

I have the same hex code for green from Bubble and Sketch, yet they’re so different… I really need the app to have the green from Sketch. Does anyone know how to set it in Bubble?

To clarify, they are also the same opacity.

Hi @andrew5 :slight_smile: I’m not 100% sure but I think this has to do with Sketch’s Color Profile Settings. By default, Sketch uses the “Unmanaged” setting, which means it will match the color setting of your computer. You can change this to sRGB in Sketch by going to File --> Change Color Profile --> and select the sRGB option from the dropdown:

After confirming the change, the color in Sketch should match what you’re seeing in your web browser (but let me know if not!). Here’s more info from Sketch:

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Hey Faye,

This is great! However, I’m trying to get it the other way around. I want what I see in Sketch to match the color in Bubble. Any thoughts?

I don’t think this is possible since the web uses RGB. If you’re trying to get the color match, does Sketch allow you to convert the colors you have as seen here?

If you don’t have the option to assign or convert the colors, I just took some screenshots of your sketch file colors and put them here:

That site says that a close match to the light green color in your Sketch App is #66EC74, and the top border darker green color is close to #5CD469. (Note: as Sketch said, there will be some slight differences since not all colors exist as RGB values)

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