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Need help in creating multiple things

Use case:
shopping cart consist of 1 “order” thing, i.e fabric,
link to “orderItem” thing, which consist of detail suchs as ticketNo which display in a list in green color as shown in pic.

I am able to create single orderItem if user pay one coin, question is how do i create multiple orderItem if user pay more than one coin?

Any thought?

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Any hack that work on this ?

Would you not have a Quantity field? And with each increase or decrease simply adjust the field value.

alternatively you could make a copy of the orderthing and add it to the list with each increase, and then delete one with each decrease.

At present you cannot clone a thing, you have to create a new thing and copy the field values across in the workflow.

Instead of putting them into separate column, i group them into list of number and solved this issue thanks!