Need help in saving the access token after Instagram login


I am using Instagram plugin for login but dont know how to save the access token returned by the instagram login api which needs to be passed in further Instagram APIs requiring access token. I tried a couple of hacks but what is the right way to save the access token returned in the url.


That happens automatically, you shouldn’t have to do this if you use the login with instagram action.

Thanks. How can I retrieve it for further Instagram calls. e.g. fetching user’s media etc.

Have you done the Facebook lesson? We don’t have all the calls implemented, so let us know if some stuff are missing, we can talk about adding some.

Yes, I have gone through the facebook lesson. Sign in and fetching user’s details is easy but there are some missing things I suppose.

Specifically I tried to use

(a) API Connector - Trying to call Instagram APIs but this seemed to have some errors while I was initializing or testing the API. Seems a bit hard to follow, may be more documentation will help.

(b) BlockSpring - It has a very limited API set for Instagram

© Tried to fetch information from the callback URI that Instragram uses but this is very hacky

To summarize, we need additional APIs which takes care of receiving callbacks.
Also, I couldnt find a way to define the callback uri in the Instagram plugin. I guess this is essential in all Oauth2 protocols? Unless I missed something.


For Oauth2 stuff, the API connector isn’t suitable yet. So if you need more calls, you tell us which one, and we can talk about adding them. Depending on the number of calls we may ask you to sponsor this, but it depends on what you need.

Following up on a similar topic, is it possible to leverage the Facebook access token after a successful login if there are other API needs? As an example if I want to execute a Facebook search of public data (such as pages), is it possible to retrieve the access token already created during the Facebook login?

As an example to leverage the existing access token executing an API call to run a page search:


Hey @Emmanuel , is it possible to add this action to the Instagram plugin?

or to access the users access_token?