Need Help in SlideBar Menu Plugin


I tried to generate dynamic data’s slide bar menu option from my database call categories as shown in picture.

image link :

But when i Preview. The slide bar is not vertically shown by each option. How do i add (line break)
in dynamic data? Any help will be appreciated.

image link:

Hello :slight_smile: I think you’d need to do a dynamic expression (showing one item), press enter, dynamic expression showing one item, press enter (etc). Otherwise it may just be easier to manually enter the words (instead of using a dynamic expression) if there aren’t that many different options.

Thanks for your fast respond:slight_smile: . For now I show them staticly like you said, Thanks.

No problem :slight_smile:

Hi all,

Is there still no solution to insert a line break ?


Hi @georges.dru :slight_smile: That should work by formatting the expression in this way:


Thank’s a lot.
Each time I marvel at the simplicity of the solutions that can be found with bubble.

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This is awesome. I was able to quickly and easily add a slider menu. I have a variety of user types and created a data type called “Menu” and I “Do a search for” to show a custom list of options based on user type. Adding the line_break was a great way to show a clean well-formatted list of choices.

Is there a way to add a logo on the top of the slide-out panel? Or for that matter, any other non-clickable items?

Thank you all for sharing your knowledge.

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