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Need help - is it possible?

Hello everyone,

I have a project and I just need to know if it is possible to do it.
I show you what I think with a picture for what the app need to do and what we need to get after when we want to export data.

I hope it is clear enough…

That’s exactly what you can build with Bubble. Perhaps look through these template for something similar? Templates | Bubble

Thanks Lindsay for reply.
Ok for the build part with Bubble - the question is more on the data to export - I need to be okay on the excel sheet and folders with the same trees than in the form for item.

For the export data part > Is it easy to do it or not?

There are numerous plugins to help with data export including Excel. I can’t recommend any particular plugin . However if just CSV - it is built into Bubble “Export as CSV file” - quite literally a 30 second job to set up.

for example - ❓ Export to Excel or CSV - #14 by solutomn
and the manual
Managing Data - Bubble Docs
[Free Plugin] Download Text within RepeatingGroup to CSV - #32 by lindsay_knowcode
[New Plugin] bdk RepeatingGroup tools (this one was recommended to me by @jared.gibb )


Okay I will check - I have already read the Managing Data section but not really find something helping - but I think I need to work more and do it by myself to understand :slight_smile:
That’s okay for me - If I need help again (and I’m pretty sure I will…) I will post with new additions in this post. thanks !

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For downloading CSV. I use the 1T - CSV Creator by Eli Beachy is what i use. 1T - CSV Creator

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