Need Help: Issue with list adding a blank list item (dropdown or multi-select)

Hi there, I keep encountering a blank item whenever I try to add items to a list using either several regular dropdown menus in tandem or a multi-select dropdown

I feel like I’ve checked everything, but perhaps I’m missing something really silly, or there’s some bug…?

Here’s what it ends up looking like in the App Data tab. You’ll notice prior to “Gym” a comma and blank space, when it should just start at Gym.

And inside of the user editor. Above “Gym” you’ll see a blank space with a trash can:

Here’s how it’s setup. I have checked a bunch of times if there were spaces prior to “Gym” and there are not.

Here’s how I have it setup in the workflows, allowing users to add up to 3 subcategories. This screenshot shows item one, which would be “Gym”, since it was selected first.

Am I doing something wrong? Hopefully someone can save me from myself.

Hi any takers?

Not sure why I am getting a blank list item added to my list!

I think what you are trying to do is set the Biz Sub Category list to the selected items of the multi-select dropdown, ya?

If so, you probably want to use Biz Sub Category set list (instead of add) and use the value of your multidropdown but don’t point to item #1. The value itself is a list.

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@mebeingken, yes I am and I must be rather novice in the lists area because I was totally killing myself adding each individual item to a list! Ha.

I did what you suggested in using “set list” and worked like a charm.

I suppose “add” presupposes that there are items prior, hence the comma, I assume. Therefore “set list” assume the first ever setting of the list items, for all the newbies who might learn from my doh! moment.

Thank you for your help!

I would like to format ordered (numbered) lists with second paragraphs having a blank line and no number. In other words, break up long numbered paragraphs into more than one paragraph for the same “index” number.

This doesn’t seem to validate, when i use a
between paragraphs. Seems
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Any ideas?
Should i be asking in the CSS forum?
This problem is within a CSS styled page.

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