Need help looping a user input_form 'n' times

Hi all!

I am building a room-sharing site and here is what I am trying to accomplish.

I have a home (say, “A”) that holds a list of rooms (“B”). I want to create a variable ‘n’ B things, where ‘n’ is dictated by the user in a previous form where he sets the number of bedrooms.

Then I want to show an iterative form to request information for each bedroom (name, size, price, etc.), that will be shown ‘n’ times. B things will, then, be attached to the list in the A thing.

I know that I should basically loop it until I reach ‘n’ iterations. I have also seen how backend workflows can create loops using #iterations and conditionals (#iteration<bedrooms). However, the backend workflow does not allow me to launch the form ‘n’ times, I simply cannot access it. On the other side, in the regular page workflow I cannot manage loops with iterations.

I have researched extensively and watched a variety of tutorials involving backend loops, but none that requires launching a form a variable ‘n’ times.

Could anyone please walk me through with it or maybe show me a different solution? It really doesn’t have to be based on the example I gave. Just a plain, honest loop from ‘i’ to ‘n’ that laucnhes a form.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Floppy plugin

Also Bubble is supposedly working on front end loops as a native feature :pray:

There’s also many ways to approach this, I suppose you could create the rooms as they user fill in the fields, so they have to type in the name then that triggers the Create a Thing action. And you could use Toolbox plugin to just generate the list of numbers from 1 to the number they chose.


Recursive workflows are probably the way to go. Your set up looks correct. I’m afraid I don’t really understand the problem.

You don’t actually have to “loop” to do this. You could just make this user-driven iteration (which would be the “Bubbly” way of handling this – add one bedroom at a time, configure the bedroom Thing, add it to the “Bedrooms” list field – although this may not be optimally user-friendly). But that’s how you do this in a vanilla Bubble.

If you did want to iterate over some number of unconfigured Bedrooms, yeah, Floppy (or List Shifter) would be one of the best ways to go about it.

General discussion of iteration in Bubble here (see video):

Video itself embedded:

Older video recapping List Shifter’s iterate feature and PROCESS List action (not relevant here as you’re desiring to loop over a list using a Bubble workflow, but this would prove illuminating):

Both Floppy and List Shifter are part of the same plugin suite now.


ListShifter Supremacy :us_outlying_islands::us_outlying_islands::us_outlying_islands:


Note: If you’re somewhat masochistic, there are in fact ways to loop over front-end values in vanilla Bubble, as explored in @adamhholmes series of “Bubble challenges”:

… the threads there are full of pro tips, though dealing with the inanity of Bubble limitations may not be the most cost-effective route to delivering a finished app. But some of us are, in fact, masochists and experts in Bubble ephemera.


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