Need Help Making a Data Table

Hi there everyone. I’ve decided to freelance this because it’s starting to annoy me lol

I have a site wherein users can create video posts and then sell them to other users. I have created the datatypes “Video Post” (video title, description, price, etc) and then also the datatype “Transactions” " (customer(s), time/day of transaction, referrence video (which is back to the first kind of datatype))

I have a workflow that says, when someone clicks on the videopost, a new transaction will be created, gathering the customers username, email, amount they paid, and the video being referred to

Now my problem is here - how can i make a table so that each user can see how each video is doing, for instance, i would want the table to be like this–

“Video Title 1” “Amount of Purchases” “Total Earnings”
(cust.:count) (cust.:count * videoprice)

“Video Title 2” “Amount of Purchases” “Total Earnings”
(cust.:count) (cust.:count * videoprice)

“Video Title 3” “Amount of Purchases” “Total Earnings”
(cust.:count) (cust.:count * videoprice)

“Video Title 4” “Amount of Purchases” “Total Earnings”
(cust.:count) (cust.:count * videoprice)

each video would belong to the user who created it, and then from there i would want users to be able to click into each video title on the chart and see all the individual transactions from there, so if i clicked on “Video Title 1”–
“Customer 1 Username” “Customer 1 Email” “Time/Date of Transaction” “Amount Paid”

“Customer 2 Username” “Customer 2 Email” “Time/Date of Transaction” “Amount Paid”

“Customer 3 Username” “Customer 3 Email” “Time/Date of Transaction” “Amount Paid”

“Customer 4 Username” “Customer 4 Email” “Time/Date of Transaction” “Amount Paid”

etc etc

I feel like this is simple, i am just having trouble organizing it like this, for each user.
I tried with making a repeating group and having the TYPE be transactions, but that didn’t seem to work bc i dont know how to make it show only posts by that user in the chart. also it shows each transaction for each videopost, instead of just having one videopost shown and all the transactions linked to it. i hope this making sense.

I know this can be done relatively quickly too and isn’t too labor intensive just a logic thing, I’ve got $20 to the soul who can help me out with this. THanks in advance!

I will DM you some info on how you can Possibly do this!
I can chat to you through DM’s or if you prefer message me on Discord @ MrJWG#0001