Need help making button send data to input

So I’m making a Dashboard for a Handyman Business and this Dashboard is going to have Invoices Estimates and so on that a Contracting company needs to have for a custom system, and I’m having trouble on the invoice receipt part, I’m trying to get the button to send the information from a sub page and I can only get it to work with Searchbox search items’s value’s item but I only want that information sent when the Add Item button is clicked. (I have all the databases setup to save the information in the database)
If anyone can help me out that would be much appreciated.
Thank you in advanced.

You need to have your button in a group. Set that group to a data type of whatever data you are trying to send. Have the datasource of that group pointing towards the specific data you want to send.

In workflow on button click use the elements tool “send data” and the data to send should be parent groups thing.

I’m not seeing Send data

sorry display data

Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 3.28.55 PM

Thank you for clarification, will let you know if that works for what im trying to accomplish

I think I’m doing something wrong because the data isn’t showing up, I have button in group on one pop up and the receipt is in another group on another popup
Update Sorry I got it now

If it is working, please mark my reply as solution so future bubblers will not this thread has a solution on it

Will do one last question sorry, is their a way to make say when you add a second item, it adds it to another line instead of replacing what was already added by the button, I noticed it this morning when I got back to work on it

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I guess you can also use function set state value on page.
Then press button will run workflow choose element actions choose set state choose value to whatever you want.
Then at input add condition if this state value isn’t empty then input value is page state value.

You need to use a repeating group. I posted a couple days ago with an example to help somebody use a + button to add new items to the repeating group.

Give a search of the forum and play around with repeating groups. If you get stuck after a few days let me know what is the issue you are stuck on.

I figured it had to be a Repeating group but I was hoping not to have to start that over i forgot the difference between the group and repeating group until I used it for my customer information system. Can you post the link of your example it you have it?

I don’t remember which thread it was on.

Create the R.G. and put the group you already created in the first cell. Then the R.G. is already set up.

Next just figure out the workflows to add the information, and don’t forget user experience and include a way to delete or edit.

Yeah that’s the only issue I have with getting the button to add item instead of replace item, and that is issues with figuring out the workflow