Need Help! Meeting scheduler + sync with Google calendar

Hey bubblers, hope y’all doing fine.

So, I’m developing an app and one of the features I’d like to have is for visitors to be able to schedule meetings with app users straight from their profiles, based on their availability.
Meeting should be send as tentative until app user accepts it from their google calendars.

In addition, I’d like that app users can define which dates/times app visitors are allowed to schedule meetings (lets say: only weekdays from 10AM to noon and 1PM to 3PM).

I’ve seen that we have a couple of google calendar integration plugins, but they all require me to add my google api at the backend, so I’m guessing they wouldn’t do the trick.

Does anyone have a solution?
Can anyone make such a functionality?

Appreciate it,

Hey Sergio!

For the Calendar part there are a few options, such as This Top Calendar Template or if you want to customize things more than maybe you only need This TopCal Plugin

For the Google Calendar syncing, there are some plugins out there and they might do what you need. Whether you make the Plugin or simply do the API calls on your own you will need to enter in your own App ID api keys which you can get through Google. Your app needs to be registered with them in order to access have your users access their calendar’s data

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I would use the topcal plugin (or potentially parralells) along with the free google cal plugin released this morning and my full cal plugin to present the info nicely :wink:

but the topcal template is pretty nice too :slight_smile:


Nice! Could you kindly send me the link for all of these plugins?

TopCal plugin From @gf_wolfer

Or parallels From @keith

My FullCalendar plugin

^^to make it easier I’ll be incorporating the google calendar workers into my calendar plugin! I’ll push that out tomorrow. For now here is a free plugin for google calendar

Google calendar plugin From @evanlitttle

^giving credit where it’s due

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I see continuous enhancement of your plugin :grinning:

I am losing track of everything it can do! (that actually is a good thing… but also bad for me as I am beginning to see how elaborate scheduling can become as an area of functionality; I recently created an app using Bubble’s own and enjoyed the process of building but as I said … came to terms with how much needs to be accounted for … cancellations, rescheduling, coordinating, integrating with wide-spread used tools (… ex Google’s)).

Could you please point to a quick link where I can see all it can do? … perhaps in a feature-matrix kind of guide? (If this is too much work please forget this request … or if it is available just point me in the right direction please)

Sure thing!

This is all I have for now ^^^

Next features out will be allowing for resource views and incorporating google api calls for an easy package.

The api call will be there by the end of tomorrow!!

Scheduling by end of next week!

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That’s awesome @jared.gibb
So I guess that by tomorrow your plugin +TopCal or Parallels would do the trick for what I’m asking. Is that right? Lovely!

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I believe so! You’d have to follow the parallels thread to be sure but I know TopCal does what I wanted

See an example of the package here

For google calendar you’ll have to set up a google oauth account but I could walk you through that process too. It’s super easy and only takes a few minutes plus copy/pasting 2 values from google to bubble

Bookmarked this! Thanks!

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It looks sweet. I’ll be purchasing it and might want to talk to you about setting up google app and user authentication. I’ll be working on UI for today while wait for next release

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@semorganti @boston85719 has an awesome template that does just this :slight_smile:

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Thanks @equibodyapp for the mention. @semorganti the comment is correct. I do have an awesome template that can allow for just this setup.

Check out the Calendly Clone template that I put out that has all the features of Calendly and has the best UX available for simple schedule creation where users can select as many time ranges to be available as they like without limitation and they can copy the times from one day to any other day of the week, making it truly the easiest schedule creation possible.

In terms of setting up the Google App portion, my template makes it pretty simple to set up and integrate the Google Calendar functionality so that you can make this ‘optional’ as not all users would necessarily have Google Calendar…can also make it so they can connect multiple google calendars to the same account…really just a lot of possible setups.

If you are not interested in a full template with all the advanced functionality that my Calendly Clone template provides as you may already have the UI setup you want, we could go over how to create available time slots using a karmaware plugin that provides a lot of flexibility in the way you create them and the data you use for the creation as well as the Google Calendar API integration setup to make for a true offline connection.

Feel free to reach out via PM. It may be a better way as you will learn how to do it and can implement it into future projects without needing to purchase paid plugins again for future projects.

Still waiting for Bubble to approve my latest meeting scheduler template that allows users to select desired start dates and times for meetings, select a list of users and generate available time slots that all users are available for a meeting by using true offline access to their Google Calendars

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Hey @boston85719 , I came across your template and indeed it looks pretty awesome. I dont have a calendar UI setup nor calendar functionality, however I have 95% of my app ready… so I cant really buy your template as bubble would obligate me splitting apps :frowning:

Really appreciate the support, I’ll send you a message just in case so we can see if we can make something work out.


Actually most of the users who purchase the template integrate it into an existing project. Most saw the task of creating the scheduling, booking and other functionality necessary as easier to accomplish and faster to purchase the template and integrate it into their existing project.

I recently finished up an integration for a client and added in the Google Calendar offline connection for them as well as stripe payment processing at the time of booking.

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