Need help on order page and event page and more

hi i am asking about this

i need help to make a page when some one will click on a service put in a date then i will get a notification and the person that will order me will get a email with a auto generated qr code then it will be saved in my system when i scan it, it will check me in on the website

i have done the qr code bit but the bit i need help with is the saving the qr code on out system and making a scan page when you can click on what event you want to scan people in and on that page it will show every one who will go to the event and it will show on there shopping basket i would like to do it so i can add and delete the events on the website and and the same for all of this but with order instead of events

that is the main bits i may need help with but here are the little bits

  1. should i do the order and the events on the same data base or on different

  2. if yes how do i do the order basket

P.S the events and order will be on different pages and there will be multiply order things
e.g. DJing and theatre (they can pick on what show they would like or what type of Dj they would like) also what someone order us or does a event it will give us a notification on the staff portal in the website (for a order it will sent it to every on that is for that order and add it to there calendar)

thank you
jayden gotham
founder and owner of gotham entertainment

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