Need help on social media (multiple) image post

I watched this very helpful video on creating social media posts with images (single image + multiple images) , but the trouble is that I’m unable to change the dynamic image of the “group” for the first image of multiple image posts to [Parent group’s sm post’s img: first item]

Anyone able to help with this?


That is a very helpful video by NoLogo @duke.severn !

It seems you are juggling with several concepts in your post. Setting up a style … looking up an image in a group … It is difficult to understand what is happening there.

How about you try the following test:

Create the following data type with the detailed fields:

Title (text)
Image (image)

Enter a few entries manually in your database app data tab for that new data type

In a repeating group of 1 row 1 column, set up the type of content to be “post” and the data source to be “search for posts”. Set the RG to have a height and a width enough to accommodate an image. Say … height: 200px and width 200:px

Place your group g inside the repeating group, set the height and width to be 180x180px, set the type of content to be post, and the data source to be “current cell post”, and set the dynamic image to be “current cell post image value”.

Preview your app and you should see a list of the images. Style the rg with borders and colors to make it look nicer and add any other fields like post title and others to the rg to add more info.

The above is just a suggestion to point you in a direction that hopefully exposes concepts that enable you to revisit and implement NoLogo´s video walkthru.

Hope this helps :+1:t2:

Hi @cmarchan Thanks so much for your response. Your method works well for a single image post, but for a multiple image post, I have to set the first image (large size) as a group and then set the background style as a image then set the dynamic image value to be [Parent group’s sm post’s img: first item]. Image #2-4 (small sizes) are 3 images in 1 group, but I am having trouble first getting the first large image’s dynamic image value set and second I cannot get images #2-4 to show in my preview.
This is according to the video tutorial by NoLogo. If @duke.severn is able to help I would greatly appreciate

A group display/holds one thing

A repeating group displays/holds multiple things

You are trying to display multiple things via a mechanism that handles a single thing

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