Need help, please

Good night everyone, I have a problem. I have in my database questions that are organized by disciplines and subjects (list), because the same question has more than one subject. And when it comes to playing in the repeater group, the bubble doesn’t think so. I cannot place the correct restriction. For example, I put there, “do a serch for” and in the constraint I put “subject contain and then I don’t know what else to put”. I would like questions to appear with any subject that was in the multidropdown
Actually, I didn’t want the items in common, but the questions that have the subjects in common with the research
For example, the issue has several issues. I didn’t want to bring up the issues themselves, but rather the issues that have that topic

I think you are trying to do a many-to-many search. If that’s the case, search the forum for “intersect with” and you’ll see a bunch of posts on how to do it.

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