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Need help producing dynamic link in RG

Hi all,

I’m looking to have a link shown in a RG that is unique for each JOURNALIST.

Essentially, in the RG I have a bunch of journalists that I’ve added to a PRESS RELEASE but I want to have the link to their unique version of the page ([email protected]). I’ve gotten it to create the link but I can’t view it.

To clarify - I want to have the actual URL text show up on the page below so that I can copy it (in the future I’ll be able to export this list hopefully)

here is the page that is generated when you click on the link (bonus question, why is lorem ipsum showing up in the URL?)

From what I am able to understand is, you want a unique page link respective to each journalist (Correct me if I have got it wrong).

To do this- Create the journalist details page that will ask the user to type (set it to the journalist) and depending upon the slug your URL will be created that will be unique to each journalist.