Need help ranking competitors

To start, I just wanted to note, I couldn’t really comprehend which subcategory this fell into, which may also be why I’m struggling…

Alright, this is a bit complex, I’ve been working on this app called StatZombie for about 3 months now.

Primarily it’s a tool to track dynamic stats in professional wrestling…which in itself is a strange concept, so the app, is quite unique, I think. I don’t know, I just know I’ve been thinking about this app for over 15 years, and it’s finally coming together…

In all aspects except one. I have everything working perfectly. Workflows could probably be cleaned up, and some may be better fit as a custom state or a condition, but for all intents and purposes, the app is working. I just can’t get the rankings to work. I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere in this community, as I have tried several times to search for it. I’ve been stuck on this for about two weeks now.

Sorry. Let me get to the problem.

I have Leagues which contain Competitors, Championships, Events, and Matches.

All things relate back to its league. Competitors can be shared across Leagues, and their stats are contained to that league only.

However, the way I have Championships is that each Championship has a Title Roster. The Title Roster is a list of competitors.

When competitors for the same title roster compete against each other, they earn points towards their ranking in for that Championship.

If there’s a World Championship, it’s likely all matches will fall within the World rankings. However some matches will be between competitors for other “secondary” titles, these matches would earn points towards those rankings as well. Competitors only earn points towards a championship ranking when competing against other competitors. I have this all figured out in bubble.

As you can (hopefully) see in the images above, The Universal Championship has 6 Competitors. Any time these competitors compete, they will earn points towards their ranking in this Championship division.

However, the Intercontinental Championship currently has only 4 Competitors. Note that some competitors have different scores here than they do in the Universal Division, that’s because the competitors in the Intercontinental Championship division only earn points when they compete against each other. So if they compete against someone outside their division, they only earn points towards the Universal Championship.

This is implemented, due to Wrestling’s dynamic structure which often negates practical sports logic from wins and losses due to prioritizing stories and stardom. The system I’ve created embraces this unfortunate side of this artform and allows for story telling by differentiating rankings within the same league, setting up more dynamic match-ups throughout multiple divisions.

Anyway…as you can also see in the images above, the competitors are not ranked by most points. And I can’t figure out how to make that happen.

I also don’t know what you would need from me in order to help answer that inquery.

I’ve read a lot of posts that are close to this topic, but I’ve not been able to find a solution I can apply to the different scores the competitors earn within a match.

I can offer this…

The Current cell’s Comptetiror’s CompMatches are referencing a list of that Competitor’s Matches. The Matches’s Data refers to the data entered during the match, such as when a competitor wins, data is entered to attribute 35 points towards that competitor’s score. The data(points earned) are filtered by the Current Cell’s Competitor, and the match was held within the Division of the source Championship(to only get points earned
by This Competitor for That Championship), then we are getting that data’s statistic’s point value, this is summed, and the result is the total points earned by each cell’s competitor when competing within this Championship’s division.

Any help would be appreciation, and if you need any clarification I’ll take any screenshots you ask for or whatever. I’ll be happy to help you help me! I need help! Thank you fellow Bubbleneers!

Hi there,

I have read it through a few times (and now know more about Pro Wrestling scores than I ever thought possible :slight_smile: ) …

So I think what you are trying to do is sort something on a sum of scores using quite a complex filter.

Bubble does not make this easy for you, even if you want to just sort on a sum of points on a table without filtering.

What I think you will need to do have a table which is Wrestler+Championship (so a competitors unique total score for that unique championship).

That way, you can search for Wrestler+Championship’s Wrestler rows for “Ultimate” sorted by score. That will give you the Wrestlers in Championship Score order.

Thank you, I will try to implement that over the weekend and let you know how it goes.

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