Need help : relation between elements in the first page to the second

Hello Guys,

I’m quite a newbie in Bubble and I would really appreciate some help :slight_smile:

I start from those 2 slide-down case and one search button :

In the 1st slide-down i have “1,2,3” and in the second one "A,B,C ",

In my database I have element related to 1,2,3 and A,B,C, When I press “Search” I would like to show in the second page only element related to for example 2 and B,

How in the second page, only element related to 2 and B will be shown ?

Thanks In advance for the reply and your help,

Hi and welcome to Bubble :slight_smile:

You can certainly do what you are looking to do, but might I suggest … instead of using a new page use a Group instead and a repeating group of results. That way you can pass anything you like.

So have your Group hidden. When you hit rechercher you “Display data” from the search in the Repeating Group and Show the Group.

Hey Nigel,

Thanks For your reply,

I will try to do it with your explanation :slight_smile:

Hello Nigel,

I’m coming back to you because I still have some trouble on it,

  1. I really need a second page for showing my list of data, so imagine I put ‘‘2’’ and ‘‘B’’ then search, I just want that in the second page when I arrive, two new Slide-down box are showing “2” and “B” also

2)How can i put in relation my slide down box 1 and 2 to display only data regarding both input ?
(If possibly to have screen share of formula to use it would be super)

I you could help with that it could be amazing,

Thanks in advance