Need help saving Toolbox Expression to DB

Need some help if you can please?

I’ve put a tool box plug in (Expression) within an RG with conditionals to run a calculation.

In the same cell, I have an input called ‘Qty’ and it’s initial content = the Expression’s value.

I’ve then created a workflow to make changes to current cell’s Qty when the value of the input changes.

For some reason, it’s not working?

It’s not possible to create a workkflow on the toolbox plugin so I need a workaround but struggling here, please help. I need this solved to move forward.

Can you add some screenshots?

@williamtisdale Not really, there’s not much to show other than an input and an expression element. …


Both are in the cell of an RG.

This is the input’s initial content:

The conditionals on the Toolbox expression element result in a number.

The database field for the input is a number.

Problem is, the toolbox element when right clicked does not show start/edit workflow…

So I’ve set up the initial value on the input as the expression’s value and set up a workflow on the input to say that when it’s value changes, save it in the input’s DB field ‘qty’

This doesn’t work

@williamtisdale Think I’ve sussed it - just dropped the ‘instant calculator’ plugin in to the cell and there is start/edit work flow ability so might just work. :crossed_fingers:

Update: instant calculator raises syntax errors in run mode

This is why plugins put me off - if it doesn’t work when the app has been launched, your validity is effected.

I’ve tried the conditionals on the input but it doesn’t update the current cells qty field.

Back to the drawing board! :man_facepalming:

So I have run into the issue of an ‘Initial Content’ not updating but what you have to do is after you change the value’s that would update the ‘Initial Content’ you have to either reset the input, which is kinda difficult because it is hard to tell what is a ‘relevant’ input sometimes but you can also run the action reset data on a group or display list in repeating group and that should then update the values in the inputs. As long as the input is in the group or repeating group you reset.

@williamtisdale It’s not the input initial content that isn’t updating, it’s the saving of the input’s initial value to the database that is the issue when the value changes.

Oh i see. The way you mentioned it above “So I’ve set up the initial value on the input as the expression’s value and set up a workflow on the input to say that when it’s value changes, save it in the input’s DB field ‘qty’” seems like it should work. Are you sure everything is set up properly? Is the field you are trying to save it to the wrong type? Like the expression is surely a number and DB qty is surely a number? Or actually when you use the workflow for an input value changing then you will never get the initial content.

I’ve scrapped the plug ins now and put the conditionals on the input and the calculations work fine (Input’s value is displayed correctly when calculation made).

What I’m having the problem with now is when the value of the input changes, it’s new content is not saving to the DB.

I’ve ‘start edit wflow’ on the input (right click) and said when this input’s value changes, make changes to current cell’ qty (field to update with new content when changed).

If I manually change it in run mode, it changes the DB value.

If the conditional changes the initial content of the input, it doesn’t change the DB value even though I’ve set up a workflow to change the DB value when the initial content changes

Tried setting up backend workflow to change current cell’s qty field when input’s value is changed…doesn’t work