Need help - searching repeating group, to display a user who has data in two different databases

Hi all,

Pulling my hair out with this.

We have a user, who can have 3 different user types (job seeker/employer/recruiter).

We also have another database, which is the job seekers full job seeker profile information (e.g. career history, salary expectations, skills, etc.).

What I’m trying to do, is build a search page - where the recruiter can search (using inputs/drop downs) both the job seeker profile information (and return the user [job-seeker type]) but also the user information, also displaying the users job seeker profile information on his card, and pop up.

That’s the first challenge, then when they click view profile - I need to display all the data from that cell from that user in a pop up (both the user information, and the job seeker profile information).

I’m confident i’ll eventually figure out the pop up part, but i’m pulling my hair out for searching for users based on the two data sets.

Any help appreciated here!


It’s a little fuzzy where you describe how exactly the recruiter is looking for the Job Seeker - which search parameters are used?

Other than that seems pretty straightforward:

  1. have a field User of the type User in a Job Seeker data type.
  2. Search for the Job Seeker data type using the dropdowns etc.
  3. Whenever you’re finding/clicking on a particular Job Seeker object you found, send the This Job Seeker User object to whatever group you want to display the user info in (e.g Popup)

Im other words - have each job seeker object be linked 1:1 to a user object.

P.S. I’m not entirely sure this is the most convenient data structure too, but hard to say for sure.

Thanks @vlarlarin

I made a heap of progress with this yesterday, the issue I was having was an inconsistency in the sign-up flow where I make sure the user has a job seeker profile thing, and vice versa. So now that’s working fine.

So, the repeating group now shows a list of ‘users’ things ‘job seekers profiles’ things.

And each repeating group, has a combination of the user attributes (e.g. name) and job seeker attributes (e.g. years of experience).

The issue I’m experiencing now, is it’s incredibly slow to load and search the list this way.

I’ve explored the forum, and one person suggested creating a seperate DB, e.g. (Job Seeker + User) that simply has two columns, one that contains the user record, and one that contains that users job seeker profile record.

Then search this, I haven’t gone too deep into doing it this way, but I am concerned with the incredibly slow load time when searching ‘job seekers’ this way.

Any suggestions here?

There are few things that may influence the performance here, so really hard to say for sure from afar :slight_smile:

Having the job seeker object with the user object field by itself should not be heavily impacting the performance - there’s most probably something else.

A really great piece about performance on Bubble is written by our friends at Airdev.

Here you go, hopefully this helps at least a bit!