Need help setting a multi dropdown data source based on RG current cell index

Hey bubblers,

I need help thinking through a feature i’m trying to build.

I have a table which displays a list of things; in this case the things are ‘algorithms’. Algorithms have a number of fields (e.g., id, name, description, etc.)

The screenshot below shows the following:

  • Column Select & Filter Menu: allows the user to select whether to show/hide a column in the below table AND a multi dropdown element to filter things in the below table (THIS IS WHERE I NEED HELP). This is an RG which displays data of a different type (e.g., field_list_algo).
  • Algorithm Table: display the list of algorithms. The columns can be shown/hidden using the above checkbox, and the algorithms can be filtered using the above filters. I’m using dragtable plus plugin for the table.

My issue: I am unable to dynamically set the source of each multi dropdown to correspond to the RG cell’s index column value. E.g., I want to be able to filter the algorithm table by selecting one or more values from the Description multi dropdown filter in the filter menu above the table.

Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Also, i’d like to thank @keith for helping me successfully implement several features with the terrific ListShifter & ListPopper SSA plugins. Karma pts coming your way soon!


Two comments:

  1. If a column is hidden it would seem that the multi drop down should not show as a filter option.
  2. To be able to filter the description should be a data type or an options set. The term “description” suggests that it is a text. If so, a search would be more fitting… wouldn’t it?

Hi @cmarchan ,

Thanks for your comments. Please see my responses:

Correct, I was thinking either hiding the filter or disabling the input if the column is hidden.

The columns in the below tables can be of any data type, but I see your point. In your opinion, would this be easier to implement as a search input instead of a dropdown?


  1. Depends on how you design the UX. Either way you will have to have a dB model to support it.

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