Need help sorting by 3 different things

Hello guys. I need some help.
I’m trying to make an app where users create posts.

When displaying these posts I can sort by creation date, OR by distance from the post creator to the current user, OR by the total likes the post had. These three filters already work fine, but separately. But I need a way to put these three factors together, and sort by a number resulting from a formula I made with them. Well, it’s the concept of a social networking algorithm, only of course, at a very basic level.

The problem is that I’m new to Bubble and I don’t know how to sort using this number. I’m stuck. I’ve tried several things without success. Is this possible?

Can someone give me tips please? Thanks.

Add your sorts, but make sure the “ignore empty constraints” checkbox is checked. This will ignore anything in the “and” statement that is null.

Thanks for yout attention. But I didn’t undestand what you mean. Or you didn’t understood what I tried to explain. My english is not that good, sorry.
What I need is to change the order for each user, and not exclude some results. I think constraints would do that, right?

correct, but if you have an empty restraint you want to ignore that

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