[Need Help] strange request, numbers formatted as tally marks

Hi, does anyone know of a way to format numbers as tally marks, so that numbers 1-4 are 1-4 lines, and 5 is 4 lines struck through?


You could use some images in an option set…

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How many tally marks do you think it will get to? You can always create a reusable element and make a set of 5 tally marks but show each one conditionally. Like the first tally mark would only be shown if number >=1.

simple example

11/5= 2.2
round down to 2. (number of sums of 5)

use a repeating group that is the number of sums +1
the last cell of the repeating group somehow displays that remainder number (1 in this case)
so the data of the repeating group is 5,5,1, and you have an image in the “5” repeating groups of the numerable image.

so basically use the total number/5 rounded down, take the total - the rounded down # of 5’s, and find a way to display that.

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