[Need Help] Stuck in a loop where Bubble doesn't save my text

Hello everyone,

I’m dealing with an issue for days that I can’t seem to solve, if you’re familiar with bubble I’d appreciate it if you can provide a feedback!

I can’t seem to know how to save and show a text aka data to a group or another page when I click a button

I’m creating an AI copy generator app, and everything works great! except when I click on “Save copy” button it doesn’t save the text nor display it to where I wanted. Or at least it doesn’t show anything that is happening

Here is how I’m doing this:

1- I created a new data type (named it My saved Pitches and created a new text field named Saved Pitch)
2- I went to the button and created a workflow to create a new data thing (see attachments for visuals)

New Data Thing

3- I added a data source into a repeating group that contains where I want my text to be displayed ( I had an issue where Bubble says my data is set to multiple items when in fact it’s just one item which is text)

4- I added a dynamic data to the text to display parent group’s text aka the result of my AI copy tool

When I generate a copy through AI and click “save copy” to save the text, nothing happens.

I’d highly appreciate If anyone can trouble shoot where I’m setting this wrong. I have a deadline on this project that I don’t want to miss.

Check attachments for context

when you save data
try to do that
saved pitch = Group text saved pitch 'text

Can’t seem to find that, as it doesn’t show Group text saved pitch’s text

This is the repeating group

This is the text

Here’s the data

Here’s the workflow

Can you provide project editor to help you more fast !!

Will do! What’s your email?

put link of editor here and i will follow up with you…

Hey Amer, just solved the issue, thanks! It was a data misplacement (the data thing type should be a text and not gpt-body-choices)

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