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Need help thinking through a leaner workflow structure

I have nearly 20 groups on different parts of a website where a user may pay out of a preloaded wallet.
Each group is unique and has a different price reset daily. Any time a user wants to purchase something, I want to check if the wallet has adequate balance. If yes, continue the action. If not, open an external page where user can reload the wallet.

How do I not create 40 workflows (i.e. If button is clicked and balance is availble; If button is clicked and balance isnt available; 2 such per group). Is there a workaround to implementing the If Else functionality in bubble

Depending on how similar the purchase buttons are and how you’ve organized your website, you could convert the buy button to a reusable element and have a single set of workflows on that button. You can give that reusable element a Content type that will allow you to set unique parameters on the original page where you’ve placed the buttons (for example, so you can pass in the specific thing they’re purchasing).

If that doesn’t work, at the very least I’d slim it down to 20 button clicked workflows + 2 custom workflows (1 for each balance scenario), then put each of the 2 custom workflows into each button clicked workflow.

EDIT: And actually, even if your buttons look different (but the same size), you can make that reusable element transparent and just overlay it on top of your different-looking buttons.