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Need help to a field input validation

First ot all, what a great experience is to know Bubble!
I have 5 years working on Shopify, Wordpress and lately on PHP, so know this is a great thing to me.

I am building an aplication that need to validate a text(number) field before submit The validation is for an IMEI number, that client get from dialing *#06# on his phone.

In order to go to next step, the input should have a valid imei number, if is not valid, can not go to next step.

On php i do this with Luhn algorithm using a function.

How can i do this on bubble?

If someone can help me to right direction really appreciate it

You can convert PHP into Pure Javascript code to validate the IMEI number.

Thank you for your advice. i realize that i can use toobox to add javascript to the form.
Now im struggling with How can i make the workflow to validate imei number to show error or good before next step.

Sorry to bother, any idea?

yes, you can.

It can work on serverside action too.

Sample app : Your Bubble app

this is basic validating with email address in the input and showing error/success alert.

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