Need help to creating an elmet

I want to create an element like this

the function I want it to do:

  1. user can choose a colour (data)
  2. its luminosity (data)
    3.the brightness (data)

and to store the data to the profile of the user.
Whats is my problem

I’m new to the platform and coding.
don’t know what element i need for building it
i think i covert all


Need to set up the database to store the information. I’m not sure about luminosity or the brightness being able to change but the actual color chosen can.

Then on the user data type need a data filed that relates to the color data type

Then you can use dynamic data to set the color of elements


You can set up conditionals and all sorts of other things to set the colors to what a user chooses…can do a color scheme ( list of colors )…its all about relating the user to a color and then allowing them to choose it…maybe in a dropdown

You can set a site up to change the entire color scheme on selection if you set up your elements correctly…the drawback is in editing mode you don’t see a color…

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