Need help to finish setting up an API

I have a trouble setting up an API. I need only words of the dictionary. Here is what I’ve done:

The documentation: Oxford Dictionaries API
And my personal keys:

I am not able to initialize call, what am I doing wrong?

Hi… You need to click on the “Initialize API call” button and map the results to the fields in Bubble :slight_smile:

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Thanks Deejay for your response.
I have done something wrong, because there occurs an error, when I try to initialize the call

Oh ok I see what’s happening there.

The App ID and App keys are not sent in the right format. In Json every element is a Key-Value pair (2 parts, Key name and it’s Value ). What you are doing here is setting the key name to the app ID and the value to the App key. It has to be done in the following format:
Key -------------------- Value

app_ID --------------- *Enter your App ID in this field
app_key --------------*Enter the app key in this field


I’m sorry for dumb question, I understood everything you said, besides the last part. Where are those - app_ID and app_key fields in the pluggin? :grinning:

Yeah I’m sorry that was an ugly presentation :grin: Here you go :

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I’m so sorry, I tortured you with this, but it just doesn’t work :upside_down_face:
It again returns the same error

It’s app_key, not app_keys :slight_smile:

Yes yes, I tried with both (app_key and app_keys), they don’t work. I just sent the wrong screenshot

Try this as the Endpoint URL:


Same again :confused:
Thank you Deejay, I don’t want to bother you much