Need Help to Parse CSV, Print QR Code & Generate a Data Grid


I am an entrepreneur trying to build an app for one of our internal process. I have got the app working except for a few required functions. I would really like help from the bubble community for the below issues:

  1. Allow Users to upload CSV generated by one of one internal process which has headers on the 9th line & data from the 10th line I want to skip the top 8 lines & import data to database from the 10th line.

  2. I have a table in the below format & I want to generate a QR Code in the format “ProductID:ABCD,Qty:18,ProductID:XYZ,Qty:24
    Basically unique ProductIDs in the box followed by the SUM of all the quantities of that ProductID in the box. I have used a plugin for generating QR Codes need to know how to structure the data for QR Code.

Screenshot 2021-05-17 at 12.11.48 PM

  1. Display & generate CSV in the format that shows all the products in a tabular format like in the screenshot below:

I appreciate your help.

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