Need help to read cookie with Cookie Handler plugin

Hi all,

I’m able to use this app to write cookie (store in browser). However, it’s not clear to me how to use this plugin to read the cookie that was stored in the previous step. There is a cookie reader element but I don’t know how to get it to work. Can anybody help? The app in question is this one:

bro could you find how to use this plugin?

Just place the ‘CookieReader’ element on the page.

Then you can access the cookie value in other elements on the page or in your workflows.

There is a link to a video inside this post:

bro where the cookies stored can we able to view

The cookies are stored on the user’s computer.

To read them, place the ‘CookieReader’ element on your page, and input the specific cookie you want to read.

You can then access that cookie’s value by referring to the ‘CookieReader’ element elsewhere on the page, or in a workflow.

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