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Need help turning my app into Mobile app

I’ve see several posts here about how easy it is to create a mobile app from my bubble app, but am not confident I can do it without help.

I’m looking to hire someone who is able to guide me through this process from start to finish (via screen share or in-person if you live in Chicago).


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Hi @Kamp

It can be very simple or very complex to convert its application. Today, I helped a member of our community move forward. It is absolutely true that for the beginner it can be very confusing. Continue to hope, she wrote for us a tutorial that I will publish this week in this section:

10 min. to create a FREE native app with Bubble > iOS :large_blue_diamond: Android

IF you have no success, DM and I will take a look :wink:

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Hi Kamp,

If you are looking for a no code way, try, it takes two steps only.

Check dedicated topic for details and demo.
Thanks. Jasonette Is also a nice option.

Hi Sam,

We are trying to use nativator at the moment but it’s asking for the package ID for the web app but we do not where to find it on bubble can you help with this please?

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The package id is created by you and can be for example: or other alternatives.

This package id will be used to setup the onesignal app id as well if you intend to use push notifications.


Oh okay thanks a lot for that Sam. But just out of interest, from your experience, what are the main differences between nativator and jasonette and which will you say is better for native app wrapping?