Need help using input fields and updating data values

Hi guys, I have a problem where if I update a value using an input (e.g Person 1 is inputting £1.05 and clicking submit, but it updates Person 2’s balance to £0.113456787345). I want to make it so it will only update it using 3 values (0.00) rather than multiple. Is this possible?

Screen Shot 2020-01-04 at 5.57.33 PM

Hi @JoshuaAdamson,

As far as i can understand, You want to know if you can round of numbers to a certain decimal point while updating in a database.

This can be done by just having your input’s type as number and in the update workflow, use the formatted as to decide on the number of decimal points you need.


Hi, you’ve both helped me out here.
I can now see that the input is inputting a valid 2 decimal place value into the database entry. It is also outputting a 2 decimal place using the ‘format as:’ feature.

Kindly appreciated.