Need help, want to show a button only in office hours


I have a question:
I want a button to be visible for a specific time, for example:
The start time is 9am for a job and I want it visible until 9pm.

Can someone explain it with steps?



Hi Umer!

Use the condition:
When current Date is Less than 9PM or greater than 9PM this element is not visible.
Can you add screenshot to understand it more better?

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Which kind of solution you are looking for?

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You’re being way too kind, @hafizaliimrankhan. :slight_smile:

@umer, your initial post isn’t clear at all. The title of the post says you want to show a button only in office hours. What are the office hours? You say you want the button to be visible for a specific time. What specific time? You gave an example that says the button should be visible until 9pm. Until 9pm on which day(s)?

Then, someone is nice enough to respond, they suggest you should provide some screenshots (which is a completely reasonable request), and you respond with three words. Do you really think that’s the best way to get help? Come on, friend, you can do better than that.


@mikeloc: Thanks for the appreciation.
I didn’t call out, because I am here to solve problems.

But Kudos to you! Thanks. Have a great Day



not optimal solution

Why is that not an optimal solution?

And if it’s not, then what solution would you prefer - you seem to already know what you don’t want, so presumably you know what you do want…


Thanks mikeloc for responding,
office hours are as i mentioned 9 a.m to 9 p.m each day (including weekends)

Sorry, but you didn’t mention that at all, and I see you have deleted the three-word response that prompted my initial response (probably a good move).

Anyway, it’s still not clear what you are trying to do, but try setting the button to not be visible on page load, and then give this condition a shot.

By the way, that’s the same suggestion (only the opposite) that @hafizaliimrankhan gave, so if it’s still not optimal, then do what Adam said and tell us what is optimal from your perspective.


Thanks mike i was looking for this kind of short and optimal solution
sorry if someone got offended it was not intentional

below is the condition which i was trying to make short (timing condition starts from the red highlighted place to the end and in arbitrary date i put start and end time)

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You might also want to look at the previous conditions as well.

Why are you using the unique id? That is rarely optimal.

Because currently database of this project is not correlational, i am optimizing it in chunks

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