Need help with 1 feature

Hi All

I have my software ready but i need help to implement one feature.
Is like:

When you move (slide input) , the bottle fill with liquid.

Can you send me pm if you can do it and the price?

Thank You Very Much
Sorry for my poor english.

Hi Gustavo,
I can surely assist you.
Please reach me on for formal quotation.

I built something similar… All infinitely possible within bubble…You can easily use the default bubble slider input set to vertical…set the border to transparent… That gives you your draggable bar which you can set as the default value. Then based on the sliders value being changed you can animate… Show stuff … The little extra jiggery-pokery you can easily show a bottle filling by masking an image etc

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Hi sir, thank you for your replay.
I think you are 100% correctly, i think a logical similar with yours but im noob and start now programming…
Thank you very much for your help!

For all:
Im finish my app (90% ready) and i will call all of you to take the price.
Thank you very much for the time and replay.