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Need help with 1T - CSV Creator Plugin to send an email with a csv attached - currently always runs multiple times sometimes with huge delay

Hi guys,

I am trying to send newly created data as a .csv file via email (with mailjet which works fine witrh sending emails with attachments via bubble). I would not have thought that this is such a huge problem to add a csv (or at least the link) to an email.

So I discovered the Plugin from Eli “1T - CSV Creator” - awesome! But in my installation (and also with a prior version) it looks really buggy:

It it just me or is somebody else also experiencing this look?

Okay anyways, I have added the JSON and from this step I have tried many different things:

  • Add the generated base64 Text directly as an attachment (since mailjet asks for base64 Attachments only)
    → It worked but the email needed more than 1 hour to send and the logs showed an error coming from the plugin:

But already here the logs show, that this workflow ran twice:



Than I have tried to create a file with the help of the action “CSV Creator - Create File from Base64” but this triggered to send the email at least 4 times and maybe even more.
The Scheduler is always empty so I have no idea what is going on and why it creates (and also sends the email) again and again.

And I have read that with the creation of the file the workflow should actually return a link which I can add to the mail but there is just nothing to choose from:

But it displays the link in the logs:

To sum up:
Why is it so slow?
→ Should I send the Attachment from step 3 or step 4? Both create a base64 string.
Why is it looking buggy?
Why is it running the workflow over and over again?

Do you know any alternatives? The frontend workflow, which makes it super easy to download a csv would be perfect but it’s combineable with a backend workflow.

Thank you very much! I am happy about any hint.