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Need help with a database solutions

Hi there,

I am trying to get something worked out on my site but i cant get it to work.
What i am trying to build is:

  • 3 data types


I am using the groupnames for privacy rules to make content visible.
The groupnames are connected to the priceplan.
The priceplan must be connected to a productlist (products).

As i am making a dropdown menu with dynamic choices, bubble must show the productlist, this is working however when i want to get a textfield showing the output which is a price from the priceplan connected to the selected product from the dropdown it doesnt show any prices.

How can i connect a group to a priceplan, connect a priceplan to a product and get the priceresults when a certain product is chosen.

The end step for this situation is that it must be possible for me to set a priceplan per groupname and when adding a new product to the productlist i only have to update a price in the priceplan and not change any settings within the Bubble site themself.

P.s. It doesnt let me match the productname with priceplan and products within the priceplan to output a price.

So i just want to make like 5 priceplans and connect those to all groups and for a new product just add a new product and set a price in the priceplan (which contains the products)