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Need help with a Delivery OR Takeout Checkout Cart

Hi I started building an on-demand delivery app first using the CodeFree Startup course. I’m now beyond the course and I’m customizing some things, such as adding a takeout option.

As I add the take out option (a group that appears on top of half of the checkout group) I’m having trouble pulling data from the checkout group. I’m trying to pull “parent group’s order” but I’m not able to do it.

Anyone experienced with this issue and can tell me where I’m going wrong? I’m guessing I’m making a mistake by pulling the parent group’s order but that’s what I originally did below in the delivery checkout section.

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

I’m having a problem specifically pulling Order data into other groups during the order process.

A link to the app editor would be very helpful here.

Ok, how exactly do I do that? This is my first time using these forums.

In Settings/General check to see if the top setting has the app as Public.

Then copy the url from your editor into here.

When you show the “Takeout order received” group, you need to send data (which will be the order from the group that the button you press to get the takeout group to show) to the group before showing it.

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