Need help with BDK

Hi, I have two issues i’m running into with the BDK Native app.

  1. I have an icon that has a “go to previous page” action when pressed. This works all test cases (e.g. desktop web, mobile web) except when I preview my app via the BDK Native app.

  2. When I load my app via the BDK Native app, the splash page does not appear, the launch loading screen does not appear, and the native transition loading screen does not appear. I followed the BDKs instruction to put the action “BN - remove loading screen” on a When page is loaded workflow.

Anyone familiar with BDK have any ideas?

Hey there!

BDK can be a bit weird like that sometimes, I usually blame it on a side-effect of being a wrapped web view!

To try to help with your questions:

  1. I’ve run into something similar before, one work-around I’ve used in the past involves another part of the BDK plugin, the BN-AppInfo element. It has a very useful data call of “is native app” yes/no. → I’ve used this to allow me to run two “separate” workflows in tandem. One for non-native apps (Browsers) and one for my wrapped apps.
    To answer your question with a question, do you have any way to know which previous page they’re coming from? Is is a case that they always enter in from one specific page? Or are there multiple pages in your app that all route to this same place?

  2. When you say you’re loading it via the BDK Native app, are you using the “Preview Mode” functionality via the “Launch” button? → If this is the case, you won’t see your loading screens or transitions as you’re only seeing a preview of your Bubble App through the BDK app itself. It’s not a “true” wrapped app, even if you’ve already got the Bubble App itself wrapped.
    For testing purposes of a wrapped app, iOS has Apple’s own “TestFlight” system you can test with (as long as you have an iOS device yourself). If you’re wanting to test on Android, I tend to use as my testing ground for this. You can upload the .aab and they’ll let you load it on actual or virtual phones to test it proper.

I hope these answers help at least a little! I’ve wrapped a fair number of apps with BDK and seem to find new edge-cases or weird interactions with each one!

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There are multiple pages with this issue. I could just not you the “go to previous page” action and instead use “go to page” and send them to the page they likely came from (since there’s not many pages in the app anyway). Thanks for giving me that idea.


I’ll look into TestFlight, thanks. But it (transition screens) all should be working right? Despite me not being able to preview it?

They should be working just fine, for sure! You should be able to see your transition screens when the test the actual wrapped app.

Make sure that you have Remove_Loading as an on-page workflow for all of your pages though, just to make sure the loading/transition screen is removed when the page is ready to serve.

Yes i have that action on every page. Thanks.